New Framed Canvas Print


This valley is located in Tracy Arm south of Juneau in Alaska. It has no name. In a world where everything is measured, mapped, and marketed, this scenic valley is proof of the existence of unexplored, untamed, and unforgettable places on the planet. Like the unknown soldier, the unnamed valley represents a deeper meaning. It is important for the human soul to believe that there are still frontiers for us to explore, that hope exist in the undiscovered, and that the future is full of possibilities.

On display at Lyle's Furniture in Juneau at the Nugget Mall

New Book

Years in the making and carefully handcrafted, this new book by life-long Alaskan Larry Johansen captures his home city of Juneau like no other book has ever done. Through a combination of over 100 pictures, captions, and original short stories, "Finding JUNEAU: Its People, Places, and Past" is a tour of Juneau all in one book. Each turn of the page reveals a conventional but unique layout that gives the book a freshness every time you pick it up. Pick up your copy at Hearthside Books or at AMAZON